What is MINIM-UK?
The project aims to provide a new online database of historic instruments that will allow the public to find out about 20,000 individual instruments held in more than 100 musical instrument collections in the UK.
How is the project supported?
The project is led by the Royal College of Music, in a partnership with the Royal Academy of Music, the Horniman Museum and Gardens, and the University of Edinburgh. It has received support from both the Higher Education Funding Council for England Catalyst fund, and the Google Cultural Institute, which works to digitally preserve ‘important cultural materials’ internationally.
When does the resource launch?
The resource will launch to the public in October 2017.

How to join

How do I join?
The project team is undertaking extensive research to identify collections across the UK which hold musical instruments. The Directory of Collections holds the most up-to-date information from this research, and is regularly updated. Individual institutions will be contacted with invitations to join the resource, and to discuss steps for providing information.
Does it cost anything to join?
No, joining the project is completely free.
Are there any tools available to help join MINIM-UK?
Yes. Cataloguers appointed to the project will make use of agreed Standards for Cataloguing of Instruments, which you are welcome to use. If you have instruments in your collection to be catalogued, you can use these to help as a guide. For photographing your instruments, or digitising existing media, the MIMO Digitisation Standard provides an internationally-recognised framework to help.
I own a private collection of instruments, can I add them to the website?
The scope of the project includes public collections only. However, we are exploring options for user-contributed content.
I think information about a collection is missing or incorrect, how do I tell you?
Please use the contact form to get in touch with comments and corrections.

Information rights

What are your policies on intellectual property rights?
We are committed to the principles of Creative Commons re-use and open data. Participating institutions which do not already hold equivalent policies will be requested to sign a release form for use of data in MINIM-UK, and any other related outputs.


Are positions available to work on the project?
There are currently no vacancies. Please keep an eye on latest news for future updates, or contact us to express interest.